What is this site all about?
In nifty50charts.com, our charts generate buy and sell signals automatically based on our formula for trading purpose.

Are Stoploss and targets available along with signal?
Yes, Stoploss and targets are also available on the chart along with signal.

Is there any free trial available to trade?
Yes, you can have free trial for 1 day. You can register at Free trial page

Are the signals for intraday, BTST or positional?
Presently we developed the system only for intraday. However, very soon we develop for all kinds of time frame.

How many companies are available on this website?
For details on companies available, please click here

What are the services and charges for subscribing to your services?
For details on services and subscription, please click here

Is there any time delay in your charts?
No, all charts are real time. However, as the data comes from data vendors, there might be a negligible delay which can be ignored.

Do I need to have flash or any other software installed in my computer?
All our charts are image based. Therefore, no need of any software installations to be done in your computer

How many signals will be generated in each stock per day?
Signal generation totally depends on market volatility and many other factors. On an average, 1-2 signals would be generated per day in each stock.

Is there any facility that I get SMS when the signal is generated?
Right now we do not have any SMS facility. Once if it is updated, the same will be informed on our blog.

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  • Daily intraday signals
  • Daily 1-2 sure signals
  • Buy Sell signals for Indices
  • Buy Sell signals for Stocks
  • Buy Sell signals for Options
  • Buy Sell signals for Commodities
  • Live signals with Stoploss and targets
  • Live tick chart with auto refresh
  • Fast load GIF charts
  • Large size charts for clear view
  • Low subscription costs.



  • High accurate formula
  • Both buy and sell signals available
  • Crystal clear signals with coloured arrows
  • Excellent risk - reward ratio
  • Best suitable for intraday trading
  • All positions to square off intraday-
  • No overnight tension
  • Buy Sell alerts to know signals
  • No consolidated signals
  • Applicable for any trading
  • Free demo available